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Children’s Praise Party 2017 – POWERED UP

20 May 2017


Praise partyThe Youth, Children’s and Families department are all powered up and ready to go for the sixth annual praise party!

We are really excited for Sunday schools around the Diocese to get together and invite their children (primary school age) to the biggest praise party around. Over 400 people attended last year and Moira Parish centre was bursting at the seams.

 The kids had a fantastic time learning about God, practicing their puppetry, getting really, really fit with ‘Lifeguards’, crafting their hoovercrafts and praying. As the kids were leaving they were asking, “Can we do this all over again next Saturday?!!”

 Venue: Moira Parish Centre

Date:    Saturday 20th May 2017

Time:   2pm–5pm

Speaker: Laurence Bellew  Kids Co–ordinator at Willowfield parish Church. Laurence is passionate about children’s work and is often at the praise party with his band and ‘Lifeguards’ – fitness for life programme.

 Mark the date on your calendar Saturday 20th May 2017 and tell your Sunday school teachers and of course your children.

 The children’s challenge this year is ‘Powered up’. The children will come as either their favourite Super Hero or make a Super Hero up themselves!

There will be a winner from each category:

1. Super Hero – 1st, 2nd & 3rd

2. Made up Super Hero – 1st, 2nd & 3rd

The winners from each category will receive £50 each for their Sunday school to buy, materials, a new curriculum or even help to take the children out for the day!

 We are hoping that this will be a fabulous day for your children to come and be part of the larger family of Christ as they meet other children from all over the Diocese.

 As soon as possible register with Julie 

When registering can you let us know: 

•                         name of Sunday school/Church

•                         name of main contact in charge – contact number and email

•                         approx numbers  – children and leaders


All the forms can be downloaded here.

Group registration form.

Permission form for children.

 For more information or just to chat with Julie please contact her here

 We really hope that your Sunday school can be a part of this fantastic day and look forward to seeing everyone there.


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