The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


Down & Dromore Council for Mission

Down & Dromore Council for Mission

The Diocese of Down and Dromore has a missional calling and the Council for Mission makes a valuable contribution to the expression of that calling under the following remit:

  • to stimulate within the diocese the priority and urgency of mission
  • to work to ensure the quality and complementary nature of mission at home and throughout the world
  • to maintain close relationships with other bodies concerned with mission, including the General Synod Council for Mission and the Association of Missionary Societies
  • to promote effective models of mission and evangelism;
  • to encourage programmes of renewal;
  • to initiate and encourage enterprises and links which will further the mission of the Church; and
  • to foster interest in members of the Church of Ireland serving in Ireland and other parts of the world.

Current membership of the Council for Mission is downloadable as a PDF here 

The diocese has formal links with a number of Mission Partners, although we recognise that many parishes have specific short–term links with others.

Click here for an up–to–date list

Replacement Bicycles for Maridi Diocese

Sharing stories of faith in action. Click here to see a series of four videos commissioned by the Council.

0.7% Missionary Allocation and Bibles for Prisoners in Georgia

Click here to see a series of videos about our link diocese of Maridi, South Sudan taken during a trip to Maridi in October 2012.