The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


Training as a Diocesan Reader or Evangelist

Training as a Diocesan Reader or Evangelist

The diocese runs training programmes for both Diocesan Readers and Diocesan Evangelists. Applications are not currently open but you can begin exploring any time by speaking to your rector. 

Diocesan Lay Readers 

Lay readers are men or women, old or young, from a wide variety of backgrounds who have a significant voluntary role in assisting the ministry of the church. They are authorised by the Bishop to preach, teach, lead worship and engage in pastoral work, not just in their own parish but in other churches throughout the diocese.

As the role of a Reader in teaching and leading is significant, potential Readers are given training in Biblical studies, theology, ministry and preaching over a two year period before they are commissioned.

If you think that God might be placing on you a calling to serve him more fully through a teaching and leadership role within the church, then a Diocesan Lay Reader role may be for you.

Diocesan Evangelists 

Down and Dromore is a missional diocese and we welcome workers for a new harvest! We train our evangelists through a 2 year distance learning based course. It is accredited by St John’s College, Nottingham, and runs in collaboration with New Wine Ireland. 

This exciting course is open to adults of any age within the diocese who have a desire to share the gospel but it is best suited to those who are currently involved as workers or volunteers in some form of outreach ministry.


If either role sparks an interest please chat to your rector first. The contact person in the diocese is the Diocesan Development Officer, Andrew Brannigan (