The United Diocese of Down And Dromore


Mothers’ Union

The Mothers’ Union (MU) in Down and Dromore has 45 branches. 

On 6 January 2019, Roberta Macartney was commissioned as our Diocesan President. Roberta succeeds June Butler who was commissioned as All Ireland President on 24 March 2019.

About Mothers’ Union

MU is a Christian organisation with more than 3.6 million members in 79 countries worldwide. The backbone of the organisation is its worldwide network of grassroots volunteers. Whatever their individual backgrounds, members are united in their commitment to supporting marriage and family life. They give their time to generously help others, whether by running local projects, supporting international campaigns, or fundraising.

MU is also involved in campaigning and lobbying on a number of worldwide issues such as parental rights, international debt relief and child poverty.

The MU began in Ireland in 1887. Like the Church of Ireland, which embraces Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the MU operates in two jurisdictions, north and south of the border in all 12 dioceses. Visit the MU Ireland website.

The MU members in All–Ireland represent a wide range of age and interests and membership offers fellowship and prayerful support through regular branch meetings, worship and occasional seminars and conferences.

Roberta MacartneyMany branches throughout the Province run their own community projects that support family life.

Office holders in Down & Dromore 

  • Diocesan President: Roberta Macartney (pictured right) 
  • Diocesan Secretary: Mrs Phyllis Whiteside



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