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Exploring God’s Call

Exploring God’s Call

A candidate enters training for ordination in the Church of Ireland after a period of discernment and study.

If you sense a vocation, the first step is to speak with your rector who may recommend you to the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and the Fellowship of Vocation.

After at least one year of regular participation in fellowship events, members are able to apply to their Bishop for the next formal stage in their journey, The Foundation Course.

The Foundation Course

The course is run by the Church of Ireland Theolgical Institute. It is designed to meet a number of key needs within those who are either sensing or testing God’s call upon their life and who are enthusiastic to develop their own capacity for furthering God’ mission through his church in today’s world. 

For everyone it provides an extended opportunity to think through the implications of what a particular vocation may look like. Is it a call to ordination or to a particular expression of lay ministry? In either case, will this be to full–time or part–time ministry, and even is this is already subjectively clear, will the wider Church be ready to recognise it?

For some, therefore, the Foundation Course will be a means towards the end of selection and training for ordination; for others it will be the opportunity to acquire new learning skills for a continuing and enhanced role in lay ministry.

Visit the Theological Institute website for further information on training.

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